If you want your dog to take part in our research at the University’s Tamaki Campus, all you have to do is fill in our registration form. This information helps us get to know your dog and decide which experiments would best suit him or her.

Filling in this questionnaire doesn’t commit your dog to taking part in any research but simply allows us to get in contact with you about any upcoming experiments. We aim to run several projects over the year and each project may require different types (ages, breeds, etc.) of dogs.

In order for your dog to take part in our studies, it must:

  • Be between 2 years and 10 years of age;
  • Have been vaccinated for Leptospirosis and Distemper / Parvo / Hep / Parainfluenza and Kennel Cough within the previous year.

We contact dog owners based on the requirements of each of our research projects. As a result of this, we may not contact you immediately, but don’t worry! We keep track of which dogs have been used in experiments to make sure that everyone gets a chance to take part and will do our best to make sure every dog gets a chance to participate.

We’re so excited to meet you and your dog!


Feedback from Participants

Below are some of the comments left by dog owners who have participated in sessions at the Clever Canine Lab:

I really enjoyed it, so did my dog. It was interesting and novel. Research students were very professional and scientific but welcoming and great at working with the dogs. Would love to have another session!

Everyone at the Lab was very friendly and made a huge effort to ensure my dog enjoyed her time and was comfortable with what was expected of her. we both enjoyed the experience, It was our second time and we would certainly do it again if asked.

My dog and I both have had great experiences at the Clever Canine Lab. He loves the mental and physical stimulation that come with the experiments. The Clever Canine team makes sure he is always entertained and happy. I enjoy hearing the rationale and background information behind the experimental design. We are eager to come back whenever needed.

The team were fantastic with my dog – very professional and caring for the dog. Clearly love what they are doing and love the dogs!

It was a lovely, stimulating morning. At no time did I feel my dog wasn’t having the best time! Everything was clearly explained and we were made to feel most welcome and involved. I am also very glad to participate in such positive research. I have already recommended this to others as a worthwhile and fun, interesting thing to do together with your dog.

Very interesting and lots of fun! My dog really enjoyed himself and was very happy and comfortable with everything which was great.

Loved your research questions. We had much fun! I hope that we can come back for a second visit.

Had a wonderful experience at the Clever Canine Lab. Excellent students were great with communication & instructions.

Wonderful team of people who really took the individual needs of my dog into account. My dog absolutely loved it and was so excited to go back the second time!

Really enjoyed our time at the Canine Lab. Everyone was friendly, helpful and genuinely love dogs. Thanks!