As of about thirty seconds ago, we have had approximately 120 people fill in the questionnaire registering their dog with the Clever Canine Lab. Wow, when the website went live yesterday, we weren’t quite expecting such a large response so quickly! Thank you very much to all of those who have taken the time to fill in the registration form and we are really excited to get a chance to meet you all and your dogs in the near future.

We spent most of last night running through our first set of experiments and we’re just in the process of making the final tweaks and ensuring that we have everything we need to make sure your dogs’ time with us is as safe, comfortable, and fun as possible. In the next couple of days, we’re going to be beginning to get in contact with our first set of potential participants and arranging the most convenient time for them to come in. Thanks to the amazing response we’ve had, this may take a little bit of time so we ask for your patience.

As well as the logistical side of things, we’re also committed to making sure that we match up the right dogs with the right experiments so that they can perform to the best of their abilities and have the most fun possible. As such you might not hear from us immediately if we think that your dog may find some later experiments more enjoyable. But we will do our very best to make sure every dog has a chance to participate in one of our studies.

Finally, we just want to re-iterate that filling in our registration questionnaire does not commit your dog to taking part in any of your experiments. If your dog gets invited to one of our studies and the timing doesn’t work for you or you don’t think your dog would enjoy it (after all, you know them best), there is no pressure for you to agree to bring your dog to the lab.